Where I stand

Coming from a place

With little to no resources

I came here to the US

Full joy, fear, and great forces


But time passes with no shame

And I feel all lost again

Trying to keep my cool with me

And from crying I abstain


Oh I thought that I would be

One of those who knows success

But I’ve only found so far

Philosophical distress


And though I have made new friends

Which I love and they do back

Pragmatism is in sight

And I shall keep myself on track


So instead of being all pity

And instead of crying loud

I have found in these my poems

Rhymes and rhythms to surround


To my friends, know that I love you

To my family, the same

To my enemies, politeness

To my lover, keep the flame


Now excuse me while I pack

I might go back to my land

Which is anywhere I go

For its the place where I stand




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