XIV or How to write a Shakespearean Sonnet

In this/ line please/ begin/ to write/ some notes

But keep/ in mind/ to gent/ly  keep/ the flow

Creat/ ing rhy/thm let/ ting pas/sion float

And then,/ you see,/ the me/ ter starts/ to glow


Abrupt/ restric/ tions, no/ tice, will/ appear

And feel/ ing stu/ pid is/ an op/ tion but

Do not/ attempt/ to quit,/ be strong,/ adhere

Research/ more words/ look deep/ and trust/ your gut


The pat/tern here/ is called/ iam/ bic and,

Though stress/ ful some/ times, it/ will hone/ your mind

Perfect/ ing skills/ that oth/ ers will/ demand

For signs/ of wise/ men hard/ are them/ to find


Remain/ calm and/ don’t stop/ to work / on it

And then/ like Shake/ speare you/ will write/ sonnets





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