Beethoven’s Muse

While failing to grasp

Simple social behaviors

Because of his illness

But not ’cause he’s evil


Beethoven has made of himself

Quite a mystery

“Why did he leave

Without greeting us warmly? ”


But little did folks

Know about what was going

Our lovely composer

Was losing his hearing


Accused of being selfish

Depression inside

A drunk paternal figure

And a noise fading by


He stood firm, courageous

As strong as he could

Trying to find comfort

In what little he could


Now some people tell me

That he walked a night

Gazing at the moon

And a lake by his side


A lady who told him

How lucky he was

For he could see Luna

“If I could only, alas”


So our young Ludwik

Could hear once again

A new song just forming

Inside of his head


For it did not matter

If all deaf he went

As long as his heart could

Find rhythm within


The same Moon he saw

The same Moon she couldn’t

The same one will comfort you

When you feel all pity








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